Public Meeting – Petition for Better Broadband Internet in Outram

Thank you to everyone who signed my petition, we had 368 valid signatures an amazing response. Many people empathised with our problems well and truly acknowledging the importance of the Internet for our community including businesses, schooling, communication and general content delivery.

The Outram School has had an UFB/RBI upgrade with a new fibre optic service providing 100Mb/s (megabits per second) service, this is roughly 100 times the average peak time evening speeds we obtain due to congestion on the Chorus network.

Clare Curran has arranged a Public Meeting so we can hear from various businesses for community based solutions. Chorus and Vodafone have also been invited to attend.

I’d like to invite as many residents as possible to come along on Monday the 28th at 5:30 to the School Hall for a discussion.

Please support this initiative.Internet Public Meeting


Petition for Better Broadband Internet in Outram

As a resident in Outram for the last 9 years I’ve noticed reducing quality of our Broadband Internet especially in the last year or so.  I’ve been monitoring the speeds and have found our peak time evening speeds can reduce to 10-15% of the highest recorded speed we can get when we are all sleeping.  This makes homework take longer especially with more utilisation of the incredible School Ultranet.  Videos pause and re-buffer, downloads take longer and businesses needing to upload documents, photos, drawings etc have to wait 10-20 times longer than those on the slowest UFB plans.  A friend in town recently got the slowest UFB fibre plan, he gets 33 times the peak time evening speed we endure.

We had Clare Curran here a few weeks ago so I discussed this and our patchy cellular coverage. Clare sent letters to Telecom, Vodafone and Chorus with my concerns; they all came back incredibly unhelpful.  As Outram is outside both the Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiative (DSL) areas our coverage is as good as it’s going to get and there are no plans to upgrade our telephone exchange.

Plan prices and data caps on the Wireless Broadband services are prohibitive for families on a budget.  So what can we do…?

Clare Curran is supporting us with a petition to the House of Representatives which I have endorsed and fully support.  There are petition forms at the School Office, Dairy, Cafes, Pub, Medical Centre, Petrol Station etc, I also hope to get out and knock on doors to get as many people to sign the petition as I can.  Please support this petition by adding your name and signing it.  If we miss out on getting UFB or our exchange upgraded, similar to more rural cabinets, we will have to suffer with a poor quality, slow,  congested just when you want to use it service, but continue to pay as much as or more than our friends in town.

Thanking you for your support

Tim Gibson


Welcome to Outram, 9 Kilometres from Mosgiel and 11 inland from Brighton. It’s barely 6 metres above sea level, but several metres higher than the rest of the Taieri flood plain.

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Website Redevelopment

Hi Everyone… we’re redeveloping our website to be more inviting, informative, invigorating and inclusive.  We are reworking our older posts and will put up new content soon.

Website_RedesignSome of the ideas we have for the site include;

  • Upcoming Event Calendar – as meetings, projects, working bees, events and any other community goings on happen we will show a simple calendar to remind everyone with contact details etc, so please check back often.
  • Over a Cup of Tea – we will sit down with some of our towns many interesting, involved, incredible individuals we have right here in Outram.  We will let them tell us their story of growing up here, living here, why they came here and where they see Outram in 5, 10, 20 years.

Annual General Meeting 2013

13/07/13 – This meeting has been held, a copy of the minutes are HERE.

We have our AGM coming up on the 5th June 2013.  We are encouraging any member of the Community to attend and put their voice forward.

During the AGM positions for office bearers will be called and anyone within the community can offer their assistance for these very prestigious positions.  We encourage new member to help wherever they can.

The meeting details are;

Dean and Wendy McAlwee’s Home

7:30pm for about two hours